We are very lucky to have them on our doorstep

I am a patient and a Pilates student with Theresa. The fact that she is both a physio and a teacher of Pilates says a great deal about her approach to looking after her students and  patients and helping them to look after themselves.

I feel in very good hands when being treated by Theresa. She really knows what she’s doing and is also very intuitive and reassuring, which is as essential when being treated physically for me. I could not recommend her more highly or more confidently both as a physio and as a teacher of Pilates.

Bodyworks is a great and long established practice, and the support staff are friendly and really efficient at getting back to you about appointments.  We are very lucky to have them on our doorstep.

Linda K.

Pilates for stress and back problems

“Having been told by my GP that the strange symptoms I was experiencing as a result of a back problem were due to stress and that I should try Pilates, I contacted Theresa Bell at Body Works. I was so relieved and elated to be told on my first appointment with her that my symptoms were real and a result of the peripheral nerves becoming inflamed due to my lower back problem. I was taught some basic Pilates exercises to be carried out at least twice a day at home and within a week my symptoms had disappeared. I was also able to walk without pain using my core muscles as instructed.

I have continued to see Theresa weekly over the last two years for studio Pilates sessions and also on numerous occasions as a physiotherapist when having acute episodes of pain. She always seems to know exactly where the problem is and I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived… and what’s more it is fun!

Thank you Theresa! One Very Happy Customer!”

Lower Back Pain

Graham, a postman, had 5 physiotherapy treatments for lower back pain. After completing his treatment he said that he would recommend Body Works for the following reasons:

“I felt nervous about physiotherapy before for I came in for the first time, but the practice was warm and friendly and Theresa was smart and reassuring. Everything was explained clearly and I was given a simple exercise programme to follow. I felt comfortable during and after each session. Theresa was able to answer any questions in an understandable manner. It helped me feel alot better, thank you.”

— Graham

Chronic Knee Pain

“I came to see Tony Woodward at Bodyworks early January 2013. I am a keen runner and I had been suffering from chronic knee pain for the last 12 months. I had been seeing lots of different physiotherapists and podiatrists, but we were getting nowhere. The pain was still there and I couldn’t do my usual runs.

I was feeling very low and desperate. A friend of mine, who is a runner too, recommended I saw his physiotherapist, Tony.

Early January I was starting my training for the London marathon (April 21st) and I could hardly run 6 miles without pain in the knee area. I wasn’t confident at all I would actually be able to do the training for London marathon. I had less than 14 weeks to get ready. On 30th March 2013, I did my last long training run for London marathon and I ran 23 miles – no knee pain other than the usual after effects.

There is no doubt that without the physiotherapy sessions with Tony at Bodyworks I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am now. Tony is a runner himself, so he understands that the last thing a runner wants to hear is to stop running!

He is very professional, positive and approachable, and most of all he has excellent diagnostic skills. All the physiotherapists/podiatrists I had seen before were focused on my IT Band or on my overpronation whereas Tony found out that the problem was actually coming from my pelvis and this was causing referral pain in my knee.

In three weeks’ time I will be running my first marathon and this would have never been possible without Tony’s help. A MASSIVE THANK YOU, TONY.”

— Valérie Spezi

Dancer’s Lower Leg and Heel Pain

Ruby aged 9 attended 4 physiotherapy sessions for longstanding lower leg and heel pain when walking and ballet dancing. After 4 treatment sessions (which included soft tissue massage, stretches, advice and exercises to improve leg alignment, strength and calf flexibility, reduce pain and improve alignment when walking and doing ballet) Ruby was discharged by Theresa as her pain was significantly better and leg biomechanics improved. She has since passed her ballet exam she was preparing for.

“When I was in the car to go to you for the first time I was really scared, but afterwards I was absolutely fine. When I got home I couldn’t wait to go back again. I will be really sad that I will not be going back again.”

— Ruby, aged 9

Pilates for Asthma

“I think many people are not aware of the importance of breathing in Pilates exercises. I have asthma, and I find the emphasis on controlled breathing very helpful, I invariably go out of the session breathing better than when I came in. When I am not well I use Pilates exercises and visualisation to help me control my breathing, and having strong core muscles and improved posture enables me to remain more active during bad spells.

The emphasis on slow, controlled movement and the relaxed atmosphere make it an ideal environment for those with breathing problems – there is no competitive spirit or pressure to “keep up”. Theresa is very aware of one’s specific difficulties and encourages everyone to work in an individual way. I have been coming to classes for over 10 years and I am convinced it has really helped me to live with my asthma.”

— Meredith Wilson

Football Knee Injury

“I came to see Tony at Body Works Physiotherapy and Pilates following a knee injury from playing football, I visited Tony for about 3 months and in that time he gave me such good treatment I was able to do straight line jogging after just 9 weeks of having my injury. Due to the nature of my injury I was awaiting an MRI scan on the NHS. A couple of months down the line I had my scan and the results showed that I had had a Grade 3 ligament tear to my medial collateral and significant damage to both cruciate ligaments, there was also floating cartilage on the scan.

With all this showing the consultant was amazed at my recovery and said “The physio that treated you has done a superb job, your knee has recovered so well there would be no point in going through with an operation”. The treatment Tony gave me prevented me from having to have an operation and if I keep to my rehabilitation I aim to play football again very soon. Thanks for the excellent treatment, Tony.”

— Matthew Graham

Back Pain (sciatica)

“I started Pilates to ease back pain (sciatica) and Body Works has been instrumental in helping me along the road to recovery.

Working in he studio based classes is always fun and even on one of my ” bad days” there is always something I can do. I have seen a reduction in my symptoms and an improvement in my posture and strength, I am back working full time.

I have on occasion required “hands on” physiotherapy and acupuncture – booking appointments was quick and easy, no waiting around for weeks.

Would I recommend Body Works? Absolutely! I couldn’t have done it without them. Many thanks.”

— Di Noon

Debilitating Headaches

“I suffered from debilitating headaches almost every day. The GPs eliminated “serious” illnesses. Painkillers weren’t working. I felt I was on my own.

I started to go to Body Works and immediately felt I was being taken seriously. The combination of treatment and simple exercises brought noticeable improvement. My headaches diminished week by week and by the end of the course I was feeling so much better.

My headaches have not returned and I am certainly going to keep going with those exercises.”

What Our Customers Say…