“As a result of having to self-isolate indefinitely, the loss of my weekly mat and studio classes with Theresa was more than merely disappointing; I am always full of good intentions to continue at home but self-motivation definitely dwindles over time.

 What a bonus it has been to be offered a selection of online, pre-recorded, weekly Pilates courses as well as ‘live’ One-to-One Pilates (or physiotherapy) consultations to keep me going throughout this period of lockdown. I have experience of both of these online offerings and cannot praise Theresa enough for not only the excellent content but also the ease of access.

 I have found the One-to-One consultations exceptionally useful; there is ample opportunity to discuss new and recurring niggles and to receive expert advice and Pilates exercises tailored to individual needs. Access to these meetings with Theresa is straightforward and, more importantly, the link is stable with no dropouts and no indistinct speech or picture, which is often a downside of other video conferencing portals.

 Thank you, Theresa, for providing us with online opportunities to retain the gains made over the years through your classes and expert advice. Hopefully, when we are back in circulation and adapting to a new normal, we’ll still be in peak condition!”

Pilates During Lockdown