I have been coming to BodyWorks for about 15 years, ever since I first went to Theresa with a painful shoulder. Pilates-based exercises solved my problem, and so after that I started attending Pilates tuition, first in the studio, then at classes and finally, starting in the pandemic, online. I wouldn’t be without this discipline now.

When I developed arthritis in my hip, regular visits to Theresa helped me manage my pain and maximise my mobility through exercise as the condition worsened. She told me that, when I had a date for my hip replacement operation, I should go back to her for some ‘pre-habilitation’ exercises, so a couple of months before the op, I did. I clearly remember Theresa showing me how to do half a dozen or so exercises and saying, quite firmly, ‘just do them, do them, do them!’ I’m not normally great at complying with instructions but I was motivated – and I did do them, do them, do them, every day! I am sure that it was because of this, and the exercises I did afterwards, that my post-op recovery went exceptionally well, and much better than my doctor expected. I was walking normally, without a limp, within about a month, and felt better than I had done for years.

I have complete confidence in Theresa, her knowledge and expertise, and it’s good to know that she is there to help if I ever need physiotherapy for any reason.

Pilates-based exercises solved my problem