Please find our prices for our most popular services. If there is anything else you think we could help you with, please contact us directly.

Physiotherapy Prices


Our initial Physiotherapy assessments cost £58 (45-60 minutes) and follow up physiotherapy appointments are £48 (20-30 minutes).


Pilates Studio Class Prices


Duet studio Pilates classes with a maximum of 2 costing £37 per person per session. 


Pilates Studio 1 on 1 Prices


 Individual 1 on 1 sessions are £58 for a 45mins appointment & £48.00 for a 30mins appointment.



Pilates Mat Classes


Our face to face courses are £60 for a 6 week course. Our online Pilates courses cost £48 for a 6 week course. All courses and information can be found using this link, please click here for more information https:/


Sports Massage Prices


Sports Massages sessions are: £40 for 30 minutes, £45 for 45 minutes and £50 for 60 minutes.



A one hour initial assessment appointment is £58 and half an hour follow up appointments are £48.