I attended my appointment with Joe Lunn who welcomed me to a delightful and state of the art clinic. I was so impressed with such clean premises for my visit of my sports massage treatment.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive as I had no expectations of a sports massage and wasn’t sure if I was applicable for one due to me not being a ‘sporty person’. Also, my friends had brought me this gift voucher for this massage.
Joe was very nice and professional he soon eased my nerves in the first five minutes of the consultation and made me feel comfortable.

It was a wonderful experience and a holistic approach. I benefited from a deep tissue massage and it made my muscles in my back feel eased from tension and my back muscles felt rejuvenated at the end of the treatment. I felt light and I was literally floating. I felt like a new person.

Please say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to Joe and tell him to keep up the excellent work.
I have booked another appointment in four weeks time and I am looking forward to it again.

Mr Sazish Kumar