Our smaller Pilates classes are currently not running due to Covid-19. Instead however,  we are running a variety of online classes. Please contact us for details.


Usually our Pilates studio classes are smaller classes held in the studio at the Body Works clinic. These classes typically have 2 clients in them, but we will do our best to accommodate you if you require individual classes.

These smaller classes allow us to design specific exercise programmes to suit your individual needs and goals. The Pilates studio at Body Works is equipped with specialised Pilates equipment (Reformer, Trapeze/Cadillac and Chair) which are used alongside more traditional mat and small exercise equipment (such as balls, bands, discs) to increase the variety and versatility of the exercises.

Participation in these sessions is ideal for people wanting extra reassurance or enhanced specificity of exercise, these are led by a Chartered Physiotherapist, allowing for closer monitoring and bespoke exercise programmes.

The studio sessions are suitable for anyone. Some examples of people we see in the Body Works studio include:

  • people recovering from illness or surgery, who may require extra assistance and support
  • people who enjoy Pilates mat exercises but want to add variety to their usual programme
  • people who would like an individual programme design
  • elite athletes wanting to work on specific strengthening, balance and flexibility drills
  • during pregnancy or post childbirth

2 to 1 Studio classes cost £37 per person per session.

If you require an individual session (1 on 1) it is £52 for the first session which is one hour long, and £42 for subsequent sessions which are 1/2 hour long.

To book one of these classes, you will need to contact the studio directly by either calling us on 0116 2885533 or you can contact us here.

If you already attend our classes, you can download some example Pilates exercises to practice at home here. 

If you are looking for our larger group classes at the Knighton Parish Centre please click here (not currently running due to Covid 19. 

Pilates Studio Sessions