Often people lose strength, flexibility and confidence before and immediately following an operation. Regaining strength and mobility is vital to you being able to return to the activities and lifestyle you want.

At Body Works we help people recover following both orthopaedic (musculo-skeletal) procedures and following general/medical surgery too.

Orthopaedic Surgery

We are happy to see clients both before and after planned orthopaedic procedures (such as joint replacements and arthroscopies) and following trauma surgery (including a fracture, dislocation or ligament rupture). Here are some examples of the clients we see:

  • Knee – joint replacement, arthroscopy, ligament or tendon repair
  • Hip – joint replacement, arthroscopy
  • Shoulder – Following fractures, joint replacement, tendon or ligament repair, acromioclavicular joint surgery, decompression, following dislocation repair
  • Spinal – discectomy, stabilisation, fusion and root block injection
  • Ankle- joint replacement, arthroscopy, fracture management
  • Foot – bunion or toe surgery, fracture management
Medical Surgery

Non-orthopaedic surgery can also lead to loss of muscle strength, flexibility and balance; resulting in a loss of confidence when returning to everyday activity, hobbies and sport. This is particularly the case if:

  • The surgery was preceded by a period of time of being generally unwell
  • Normal activity was limited for some time
  • There were lengthy stays in hospital, or bed rest
  • Post-operative complications
  • A lengthy post-operative recovery was necessary

At Body Works we are used to helping people recover following surgery. We achieve this by finding out what main factors are restricting your return to full function. Depending on what we find in our assessment, we may prescribe strengthening, mobility and balance exercises, set out a realistic paced/phased return to activity, provide “core” strengthening exercises and give postural guidance and advice.

We are happy to work with you if you are recovering from:

  • Abdominal/bowel surgery – bowel resection, ileostomy or colostomy formation and reversal, hernia repair, cancer treatment
  • Gynaecological surgery – hysterectomy, treatment for cancer, prolapse repair
  • Cardiac/respiratory surgery – coronary artery bypass graft, cardiac valve repair, respiratory interventions
  • Breast surgery – mastectomy, breast reconstruction, lump removal

Rehabilitation following surgery / post-operative physiotherapy