“Having been told by my GP that the strange symptoms I was experiencing as a result of a back problem were due to stress and that I should try Pilates, I contacted Theresa Bell at Body Works. I was so relieved and elated to be told on my first appointment with her that my symptoms were real and a result of the peripheral nerves becoming inflamed due to my lower back problem. I was taught some basic Pilates exercises to be carried out at least twice a day at home and within a week my symptoms had disappeared. I was also able to walk without pain using my core muscles as instructed.

I have continued to see Theresa weekly over the last two years for studio Pilates sessions and also on numerous occasions as a physiotherapist when having acute episodes of pain. She always seems to know exactly where the problem is and I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived… and what’s more it is fun!

Thank you Theresa! One Very Happy Customer!”

Pilates for stress and back problems