There are few things more debilitating than neck pain and few things that we’re called on to treat more often. So you can be confident you’re in good hands should you require our help.

A full examination by one of our experienced physiotherapists will reveal why you’re getting your pain and their findings will form the basis for the treatment recommended, but typically therapy for someone presenting with neck pain will involve some or all of the following:

JOINT MANIPULATION – Most neck pain can be traced to stiffness and inflammation of the joints of the neck. Our physiotherapists are trained in the manipulation of these joints, a process which is always performed with sensitivity to the pain a person is experiencing. By getting stiff joints moving again we are able to improve the health of the neck and so reduce or eliminate any pain.

MASSAGE – Targeted massage techniques can help support the success of joint manipulation by reducing muscle spasm and soreness, and allowing a return to normal movement – which is key to reducing pain.

EXERCISES – It’s often the case with neck pain that the muscles of the neck, especially those which help maintain good neck posture, will become weakened. Should this be the case, your physio will teach you exercises to strengthen these muscles again. It is also likely that you will be given exercises to perform that will help restore normal movement and build on what has been achieved during your treatment by your physiotherapist.

POSTURE – Maintaining good neck posture is difficult, especially when at work or when using digital devices, but doing so is likely to facilitate and speed up recovery from neck pain. Our physiotherapists will teach you some of the tricks of the trade that will help you improve your posture to the lasting benefit of your neck.

ACUPUNCTURE – At Body Works we offer acupuncture as a method of pain relief and it can often be used to that end in the treatment of neck problems. Your physiotherapist will discuss this option with you if they believe it would be appropriate in your case.



If you are experiencing persistent and/or prolonged episodes of headache we recommend you go and see your GP, as there are many potential causes of such headaches which might require medical investigations and/or interventions.

However, there are some types of headache which can be traced to stiff and inflamed joints in the neck, and as such will respond to professional joint and soft tissue manipulation, and postural correction. Your GP should be able to advise you appropriately.

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