The most common conditions we treat at Body Works are back & pelvis pain. This is not surprising, as lower back pain is reported to affect nearly 1 in 10 of us at any one time, and 80% of adults will experience at least one episode of back pain at some point in their life.

Unfortunately, it’s often an overlooked condition, possibly because it’s not usually linked to any serious disease. But anyone who has experienced back pain will know that it can be very debilitating and emotionally distressing.

The reasons we experience back pain or stiffness are often complex and a result of multiple factors. At Body Works we conduct a thorough assessment to identify the main structures that may be causing your pain, in addition to identifying postural, conditioning and other risk factors that may also contribute to, or maintain your symptoms.

Together we can overcome the debilitating effects of back pain. If you’d like to make an appointment to see one of our physiotherapists, or if you’d like to discuss your situation, please call us on 0116 2885533.

Body Works Physiotherapy & Pilates Leicester Back Pain Treatment
Body Works Leicester Physiotherapy & Pilates Back and Pelvis Pain Treatment

Broadly speaking, back pain is classified as “acute” (pain that lasts for 6 weeks or less), “sub-acute” (present for between 6-12 weeks) and “chronic” (lasting for more than 12 weeks).

No matter how long back pain has been present, some of its most common causes are:

  • Nerve irritation (most notably of the sciatic nerve)
  • Disc problems (tears and bulges of the discs between the vertebrae)
  • Spondylosis (affecting the large central joints of the spine)
  • Facet joint pain (stiffness and irritation of the small joints that run down the left and right sides of the spine)
  • Sacroiliac joint pain (affecting the large joints at the centre left and right of the pelvis, where it meets the spine)
  • Symphysis pubis dysfunction (this is a problem at the point where the two halves of the pelvis meet).

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