“I came to see Tony at Body Works Physiotherapy and Pilates following a knee injury from playing football, I visited Tony for about 3 months and in that time he gave me such good treatment I was able to do straight line jogging after just 9 weeks of having my injury. Due to the nature of my injury I was awaiting an MRI scan on the NHS. A couple of months down the line I had my scan and the results showed that I had had a Grade 3 ligament tear to my medial collateral and significant damage to both cruciate ligaments, there was also floating cartilage on the scan.

With all this showing the consultant was amazed at my recovery and said “The physio that treated you has done a superb job, your knee has recovered so well there would be no point in going through with an operation”. The treatment Tony gave me prevented me from having to have an operation and if I keep to my rehabilitation I aim to play football again very soon. Thanks for the excellent treatment, Tony.”

— Matthew Graham

Football Knee Injury