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The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body, allowing us to reach up overhead, stretch out to the side and scratch our back. Shoulders are commonly affected by pain and approximately 30% of adults will complain of shoulder pain at any one time.

Shoulder problems can broadly be subdivided into 4 categories:

· Shoulder stiffness with or without pain – such as with a frozen shoulder or osteoarthritis

· Shoulder laxity or instability – following a trauma such as a skiing accident, due to general joint hypermobility (excessive movement) or because of muscle recruitment/timing problems around the shoulder

· Shoulder weakness and pain –  caused by degeneration, tears or weakness of the cuff of muscles around the shoulder

· Irritation or deconditioning of the tissues within the shoulder joint itself.

Physiotherapy for shoulder problems

At Body Works we’ll take a detailed history of your shoulder problem and conduct a thorough assessment to identify the main symptoms, restrictions and weakness you have. Based upon this we can work with you to formulate a treatment plan in order to optimise your shoulder recovery.

Shoulder treatment plans are bespoke to the individual but will always include specific shoulder exercises to improve flexibility or to strengthen weak and deconditioned muscles. In addition to this, shoulder treatment will include some of the following interventions:

· Joint mobilisations and soft tissue release work if shoulder stiffness is identified

· Proprioceptive taping (to help you become aware of your ideal shoulder position)

· Acupuncture, for pain relief

· Mid back or neck treatment if these areas of the spine are affecting the shoulder biomechanics

· Postural correction

· Work station advice (and other ergonomic assessment)

· Lifestyle advice – such as limiting or pacing of certain aggravating activities whilst the shoulder is recovering.

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