“I came to see Tony Woodward at Bodyworks early January 2013. I am a keen runner and I had been suffering from chronic knee pain for the last 12 months. I had been seeing lots of different physiotherapists and podiatrists, but we were getting nowhere. The pain was still there and I couldn’t do my usual runs.

I was feeling very low and desperate. A friend of mine, who is a runner too, recommended I saw his physiotherapist, Tony.

Early January I was starting my training for the London marathon (April 21st) and I could hardly run 6 miles without pain in the knee area. I wasn’t confident at all I would actually be able to do the training for London marathon. I had less than 14 weeks to get ready. On 30th March 2013, I did my last long training run for London marathon and I ran 23 miles – no knee pain other than the usual after effects.

There is no doubt that without the physiotherapy sessions with Tony at Bodyworks I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am now. Tony is a runner himself, so he understands that the last thing a runner wants to hear is to stop running!

He is very professional, positive and approachable, and most of all he has excellent diagnostic skills. All the physiotherapists/podiatrists I had seen before were focused on my IT Band or on my overpronation whereas Tony found out that the problem was actually coming from my pelvis and this was causing referral pain in my knee.

In three weeks’ time I will be running my first marathon and this would have never been possible without Tony’s help. A MASSIVE THANK YOU, TONY.”

— Valérie Spezi